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We’re Manisha & Ishan. We teach the Art of Living programs to make you feel happier, more focused and have better relationships

For over 40 years, the Art of Living programs have been proven to: reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and clarity, and help lead a healthier, happier life.

Hectic days at college or work. Stressful relationships. Peer pressure. Traffic blues. Missed meals. Bad sleep schedules. All these are recipes for health malfunctions and loss of inner calm and happiness.


The world-famous Art of Living Happiness Program is a sure shot way to set this right. 

Enroll now, if you’re truly intelligent and proactive.

Say yes, if you want to add to your life:

++ Peace. Joy. Freedom. Health. Focus. Clarity. Energy. Fitness. Fun. Enthusiasm. Love. Confidence. Optimism. Belonging. Communication. And tons of luck.

And remove :

--Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Fears. Panic. Loneliness. Doubts. Hyper tension. Worries. Sadness. Mood swings. Anger. Obsession. Complexes. Barriers.  

Here's the superhero behind all this magic : The Sudarshan Kriya*

*Science supports this. With 70 independent studies.

Till now, we have been dominated by our emotions. We want to “control” our anger, but that doesn’t happen. What do we do?

Count 1 to 10?

The secret of happiness is right under our nose. 

The magical simple breath. Notice? In anger the breath is fast. In sorrow, deep. In happiness, harmonious.


Sudarshan Kriya works on this scientific principle of breathing in different rhythms to flush out deeply rooted stresses and influence positive emotions in our system.

It’s well-researched, science-backed, and time-tested. And it works across the board. Without fail.

Good news!

Entrepreneurs. Engineers. Actors. Doctors. Athletes. Startup founders. Film makers. Students. Homemakers. Farmers. 

Teachers. Writers. MBAs. Musicians. Fashion stylists.

Our participants are beautiful people from myriad backgrounds.

What all you'll do at the course.






Life wisdom.


Group interactions.

Lots of fun.


And a lots of new friendships.

“The Art of Living course practices have changed my life. Negative emotions do not have the same grip on me and they go away faster. I really think my health has improved also. I am strongly recommending the course to all my friends, family, and patients.”

"After doing the Sudarshan Kriya I have more energy and am relaxed and calm... and I actually slept well for the first time in 22 years!"

“Prior to learning Sudarshan Kriya, I had a hard time relaxing and breathing.  I was anxious and scattered. Now that I have this practice, I am more grounded and confident in myself.  I can express more love to myself and others.  I'm more clear, focused and awake."

"The Sudarshan Kriya has dissipated a lot of the worries and anxieties I had in my life. Now I am able to deal with everyday challenges with a feeling of inner strength."


"I have actually seen myself transformed. The breathing techniques were able to change me entirely from feeling the way that I did.You feel happy waking up in the morning. It’s it’s just not a question of anything that’s going to interfere with that. The biggest moment was when I began to realize that this technique is really real. That made me feel like I had something that I could hold on to for the rest of my entire life."


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